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Please welcome our guest bloggers, who are family & friends looking to share their nerd knowledge with the rest of us.


Hey! I’m Stephanie, but I prefer Steph. I’m a woman lost in my own brain waves, filled with fictional characters fighting their way to the blank pages scattered in my life. I’m a writer, avid reader, mother of the most adorable little poopers ever and married to a pretty cool dude. Coffee and green tea pretty much fuels my body. I’m seeking help (not). I am an anime lover and can’t resist from getting my sticky fingers on all things bookish.

“Seek happy nights to happy days” –Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet

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Common Senseless aka Ant-Man

Who am I?

I am the stone that the builder refused, who also happens to be a professional shit talker. On second thought, maybe i am just a guy that loves talking about movies, TV shows, comics and music. Either way, i am basically apologetically dope.