Shower Caddy Holder

Our very first DIY project was an easy one. Our bathrooms are very simple. It was missing a towel bar, also known as a hair product and body wash holder, so we needed something to hold our shower products. I loved the idea of a shower caddy but hated the idea of putting them over the shower head. For me personally, it just seemed like it was in the way and whatever is being held is getting drenched by water. I don’t know, it kind of just skeeved me out. After browsing Pinterest, I came across similar ideas (like most people do on Pinterest) and I thought of a better way to hang the shower caddy holder.

All products purchased and used will be listed below.


 The photo above is the final look. It took about 3 minutes. Brendan screwed the hook into the wall and then I placed the caddy holder over the hook and voila! Finished.

The caddy is perfect. It holds everything we need and room to add more. The holder also has a spot for a soap bar (which can be used to also hold other items) and 2 hooks for sponges. This simple hack took a few minutes and keeps the shower neat and organized. I wish I thought of this sooner.

Products Used:

  • Shower Caddy / Marshalls $7.99
  • Stainless Steel Hook / Home Depot $3.79
  • Wall Anchors

D.I.Y Fun

Here is where we chat about our DIY successes and fails for our new home. Hopefully, more successes than fails. Since we just purchased our first home, we wanted to create this section to share our experiences as first time home owners. We will share our tips and tricks on our projects that might possibly help you.

Brendan and I have different levels of DIY experience (which we’ll list below) but when combined, we make an awesome DIY team.

Stephanie’s Stats:

  • Extremely crafty
  • Décor pro
  • Has the “eye” / the vision and imagination
  • Never used an electrical tool / not handy what so ever.
  • Experience: Scrap booking, jewelry making, photography and any other crafty type of project

Brendan’s Stats:

  • Extremely handy
  • Well rounded with all kinds of tools
  • Favorite stores consist of Lowes and Home Depot
  • Experience: Former hurricane shutter installer and maintenance worker