Brendan O’Shea

IMG_2992I’m from Philadelphia. I have always been into movies and music. I began working at a movie theatre at age 16, and continued that shit job for 13 years. Over the course of that waste of a career, I was forced to screen many great movies, and even more shitty movies. For a couple of years, our theatre hosted the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, so you know I’ve seen some flat out garbage.

My wife and I decided to create a blog after seeing critic after critic critiquing movies like a bunch of art snobs, more than likely pretending to like movies just to seem sophisticated. I guess when you don’t have a girlfriend, indie German films are the next best thing. Well, after beer, booze, work, mowing the yard, dentist visits, your mom, cheddar popcorn, and dogs.


Stephanie O’Shea


Sup Nerds!

 My name is Stephanie and WELCOME to our blog for nerds/geeks, book lovers, movie lovers and all of the other awesome people in between.

  I was born and raised in Miami, Florida but I recently moved to northern Virginia in 2014. I have many interests that include watching more movies than I can count, reading and working on my photography. As far as I can remember I have always loved movies from any genre or era. When I was 17, my first job was working at a movie theatre. Sure, it was a shitty paying job BUT it had its perks. I got to watch movies for free, I got to keep authentic movie posters, AND I met the man of my dreams, my husband and co-blogger, Brendan.

  As the years went by, I found myself watching more movies, newly released and the classics. I also found myself debating these same films and learning trivia while discussing them with family and friends.

 Fast forward a few more years and my love for movies grow even more. Halloween costumes became more extravagant and cosplay became a thing for me, an AWESOME thing!

 So, to my fellow nerds, welcome and thank you for visiting. I can’t wait to post blogs on topics that you’re interested in, and I cant wait to hear your thoughts on them.