Plotline in a nutshell…
It is the year 2029 and mutants are all but extinct. Logan (Hugh Jackman) is living in obscurity as a limo driver just over the Mexican border, while also taking care of (Professor) Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart). He is approached by a woman, who previously worked for a company called “Alkili-Transigen”, a front for the Canadian Weapon X program that was responsible for the “weapon” Logan became. She entrusts him with an 11 year old girl, Laura (X-23) with the goal of getting her to the Canadian border so that she might cross to “Eden”, a “safe haven” of sorts for the few remaining mutants.

That being said, I have been a MAJOR fan of Logan/Wolverine since the early 80’s. Hell, he was my first tattoo. So for me this film was a bit personal. When they made the first X-Men film my first thought was “If they get Wolverine right the rest will take care of itself”. Then, they cast Hugh Jackman. Right from the start, miscast in the eyes of many Wolverine fans. Too tall. Logan is supposed to be around 5’4″.  But in that first scene in the bar, I was convinced. And in the years and films that have followed Jackman has more than earned his stripes. He took the character seriously and yet also made it his own. Unfortunately, the “Wolverine” we’ve seen in the X-men films has been decent but not quite right. He’s been “watered down”.  His last film “The Wolverine” was as close to the good old John Byrne/Frank Miller days as we’ve gotten.

And now we have LOGAN.  We have the Logan we’ve been waiting on for years. It’s brutal, it’s raw, it’s violent, and yet it’s also sweet and nostalgic. Logan is the movie the fans deserved and been waiting for. It’s appropriate that it’s simply titled “Logan” because it’s simply about the man, not the superhero. Especially poignant is his relationship with Xavier. Because it subtly reminds us that Logan’s trust, loyalty and respect is HARD earned. So when we see how he’s taken on the role of Xavier’s caretaker, we see the – if I may dare say- affectionate side of Logan. And his sense of hard-earned loyalty.

All in all I consider this the BEST of the X-men series of films. Well written, acted, and directed.  Also, Dafne Keen as Laura? For her age, she was amazing. Straight up mesmerizing. Despite this being a comic book film, Hugh Jackman could easily garner a nomination for a Golden Globe or Oscar.  Possibly his best performance ever (and that’s saying a lot).

Much like Stallone did with Rocky Balboa and Rambo, Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold say goodbye to Logan with respect, dignity and grace.




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