John Wick: Chapter 2


Now that I’m done reviewing Oscar nominated films, I can go back to my usual tone and style of writing.  With that being said, holy shit.  This movie made me feel like I injected cocaine straight into my dick, and someone gave me a muscle car.  The flow of this movie was incredible.  My only gripe with these films is that you’ll give yourself a bladder infection, if you have to pee at any point in the movie, because your ass is going to hold it.  It’s that gripping.

*** Spoiler Alert ***        

The movie picks up where the first left off.  John is still pissed about his puppy and his car.  We open with a loud muscle car chasing a motorcycle.  John wants whoever is on that bike. Badly.  And because we know John Wick (Keanu Reeves), you know he gets the guy.  Turns out he only wanted the guys’ key card to gain access to the base of operation of Viggo Tarasov’s brother, Abram.  Abram (Peter Stormare) knows exactly who John is, and what he’s capable of.  And, you damn well better believe, he wants no part of what his deceased nephew and brother started.  Tough shit. John wants his damn car back, and it’s sitting in your warehouse.  Abram is frantically moving all of his money and product from there, because he knows the wake of destruction Wick will/is bringing.  After a few minutes of some beautiful hand to hand choreography, and “in your face” gun play (No, seriously.  I need to re-watch chapter 1 and 2, just to count the head shots), he storms into Abram’s office, pours 2 glasses of vodka, and offers peace to Abram.  John gets in his car, and goes home.

Not to give the whole movie away, but it picks up again, when Santino D’Antonio (Riccardo Scamarcio) a figure from Wick’s past shows up with Wick’s marker.  With “rules” playing a huge part in the underworld, Wick protests the marker because he just wants to be done with that world.  But, eventually he’s left with no choice but to oblige.  Once again, Wick unleashes destruction, cunning, brute force, and a plethora of headshots upon anything and anyone in his way.

To say that this movie pumps you up, would be an understatement.  I left the theatre driving my wife’s Toyota a tad bit more aggressively than normal.  Upon arriving home, I had to walk our dog, Chunk.  Being night time, and living in the crazy world we do, I am always in a heightened state of awareness when walking him through our unlit wooded/residential neighborhood.  In the distance, I could hear shouting and rowdiness.  Those sounds got closer and closer, and Chunks hackles were standing on high.  It was a seemingly small group of obnoxious assholes approaching.  Chunk began to bare his teeth, and I was ready.  I can’t tell you how many scenarios went through my head.  Unlike the first John Wick, they would not get a chance to kick my dog.  I had it worked out so I could neutralize one of them with Chunk’s leash, while Chunk keeps the others occupied.  It turns out the assholes were just going to their car.  In a sick way, Chunk and I were a little disappointed that nothing transpired, and just walked back home.  That is the level of pump this movie will deliver.

I highly recommend.

Baba Yaga


One thought on “John Wick: Chapter 2

  1. Michael says:

    Yeah, this is a film that is tough to review without feeling as though you’re ” over selling” it.
    It’s like the 1st was just a ” dry run”. The “dress rehearsal”.
    The story is solid. It doesn’t feel like a sequel but more like a continuation of the original.
    And yes ….I drove a little bit faster on my way home 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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