Wizard World Philadelphia 2016: Day 4

Occurred on Sunday, June 5, 2016.

The main event… meeting Chris Evans & Hayley Attwell.


Clearly this is a very late post, about 7 months late. To be honest, I was not motivated to write about our last day at WW Philly 2016, but with the comic con season approaching, I figured I should write this, especially since something pretty awesome came out if it.

Sunday was the last day of Wizard World and what I had called THE MAIN EVENT. It was the only event we had planned and it was to meet my man (no longer my man) Chris Evans and Hayley Atwell. Sadly, our experience meeting them was far from what I expected.

I will explain what happened and then get to the best part.

The line to wait for Chris was insane and was ran like an animal house. The WW Philly employees (not volunteers) were extremely rude to everyone (adults & children). With us, the consumers, we had no idea where to wait, where to go and the employees had no interest in helping anyone out. Instead, they resulted in yelling at us, cursing and threatening to do harm. Mind you, all of us paid a lot of money to see our favorite celebrity. After a few hours in line, chatting with all the ladies, rumors started going around that Chris Evans was “not in the mood” and was going to leave early because apparently a crazed fan attempted to kiss him. Chris took to Twitter after the weekend and stated that rumor was false, but I am not too sure about that. His demeanor leading up to my photo was stand off-ish. Chris and Hayley were sitting in the photos prior to mine and there was ZERO fan interaction. I’ve been there before, I know it’s crazy busy and you only have a split second, I understand that celebrities are human beings, but he was very cold and not personable. I barely even noticed that Hayley was there. No words were exchanged and not even a glanced look. Just like that the photo was taken. We wait hours for a millisecond.

Brendan was pissed off at how they were with the fans. The majority of the people traveled far and spent so much money to feel unappreciated and that wasn’t fair. After that, Chris Evans is no longer my man. It was such a disappointment meeting him. In interviews he seemed like a super cool person and that was not received on Sunday. I have my photo with him, which I will post below, but it wasn’t until recently that I hung the photo. For me, it was beyond the photo it was the experience.

Now for the awesomeness that came out of Sunday. (Photos below) I got to meet a couple of awesome ladies. While I was in line trying to figure where I should be, someone in Tony Stark makeup asked if they could stand with me and I said sure. I noticed that the line was getting ready to move so I grabbed Tiny Tony’s hand aka Morgan and said lets go, you’re coming with me. I had to make sure that she got in line and was not trampled over. It was THAT crazy. Luckily, I was able to get us thru the line and we were about 10th in place to meet Chris and Hayley. After the line fiasco was settled, Morgan and I started to talk and get to know each other. Her makeup as Tony Stark was phenomenal. After waiting for some time, I ran into my new friend Shannon and met Morgan’s friend Katelyn. Talk about a talented person. Katelyn is an art teacher and she is artistically talented beyond words. She can draw, make cosplay costumes and clothes. With social media, we were all able to keep in touch. For me, the best part of attending any comic con is meeting people that you would have never met, and making new friends all over the world. For that, I am grateful to WW Philly.

To end, we are not attending Wizard World Philly 2017. Instead, we are going to Awesome Con D.C. We’re trying out a new place and hopefully get to meet new nerds just like us.

Comic Con

Not what I expected


One thought on “Wizard World Philadelphia 2016: Day 4

  1. Morgan says:

    *squeals* I was waiting for this post! Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your photos of me! It was such a blast hanging out with you guys in line!

    ❤ "Tiny Stark"

    Liked by 1 person

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