The Girl on the Train Review / From Book to Film


After reading Gone Girl, I wanted to keep the reading momentum up. Shortly after reading/watching Gone Girl, I saw the trailer for “The Girl on the Train” and my immediate thought was “I gotta see that movie”. Once I found out it was book, my thought was “better read the book first, don’t Atonement”. Yes, I use Atonement as a reading verb. Is it grammatically correct? Uh no 🤔 But it applies😜

GG: Gone Girl * TGT: The Girl on the Train

Book: If you liked Gone Girl, you will love The Girl on the Train. Both books are similar with the suspense but unlike GG, TGT will keep you guessing until the very end. The first 100 or so pages, you get the backstory and the setup, a summed up version of why the characters are in their exact spot at that exact moment. Once you keep reading, you find out not everything is how it seems. After the 200 page mark, the story unravels, you find out  __________ !!!!!!!!!!

You’re welcome, no spoilers. The way the story is written, you start to doubt everyone and you start to believe that someone else was the killer.  When all along, the killer was right in front of us. A twist I never saw coming. I will say that I never sympathized with Megan or Anna. Both of them are very selfish.

I won’t lie, the book was very boring in the beginning. It wasn’t until I was in an airplane, flying back to Florida, that I picked up the book again. An older lady was sitting next to me and saw that I had the book. She said “Oh sweetie, that book is great. You’ll love it. The beginning is boring but keep reading, you won’t be disappointed”. She then went on to ask if I had read GG, which I replied “yes, I loved it”. She said that TGT was even better and she was right. I would highly suggest this book, just try your hardest to push thru. You’ll know once you’ve passed the slump in the story.

Movie: Another disappointment. I can’t say if I would have enjoyed this movie if I had not read the book, but as a reader, I did not enjoy it. I will say as much as I can without giving out the surprise twist. The movie did not express how much of a screw up Rachel is, and made a certain appear to be an asshole from the very beginning. As a reader and movie watcher, there is still zero sympathy for Anna or Megan.  There was no back story, no reason why they were who they were. Nothing was explained, just a brief “Rachel is drunk, end of story” but that isn’t the end of the story. They did not full show how much damage Rachel has done, how much an asshole Anna and Megan are, and how much of an asshole Tom is from the very beginning. The character “Scott” is severely damaged and they barely touch on this story. They were too busy trying to show us sex scenes that involved Luke Evans. Granted he is very easy on the eyes but he is also extremely talented. The producer did not take that into consideration.

From what I’ve read and seen in interviews, the author of the book, Paula Hawkins, was involved with the film and throughout the process, in making sure that some major scenes were fulfilled to the readers but it just did not ring true to the book. It could have almost been a Lifetime movie. On the top layer, the film captured the book but the film did not capture the rawness of the characters, the damage and darkness that laid within.

I’d love to hear from you and what you think. Maybe your perspective can help to me to see something else.



One thought on “The Girl on the Train Review / From Book to Film

  1. Michael says:

    I kinda dug the film. But , of course, I never read the book so I guess I went in as a blank slate.
    I have somewhat of a reputation for leaving halfway through films but I got all the way through this one. I just had to know where in the hell it was going.
    Not a ” must see” but I didn’t want my money back either.

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