Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – Review

Let me start off by saying that there should and NEEDS to be another 4 chapters, or season, or whatever they want to call it. It can’t just end that way.

This review will be a summed up for the entire revival. I could break down each episode but why? Go watch it for yourself and see how great of a job Amy-Sherman Palladino did. Trust me, as an original Gilmore Girls fan, you won’t be disappointed.

☀️️☕️***SPOILERS AHEAD***☕️☀️️

It was almost like a flashback to high school for me, watching Gilmore Girls like I once did. Back when I was in school, we didn’t have Netflix to binge watch the all seasons or had the capability to record TV shows. So, like most of us, I had to watch it “live” or use the gold ol VCR and record the episode on a VHS tape, if it conflicted with one of my basketball games.

We get to see the entire cast from the original show run in this revival and just like that we are one again in Stars Hallow. The chemistry between Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel is still strong, even after nine years of being off the air. They go right back into the routine of their mother-daughter banter and we, as the audience, are sucked in and waiting for what is to come.

So far what hasn’t changed is the relationship between Emily and Lorelai, especially after the death of her father Richard Gilmore (RIP Edward Hermann). The relationship was always rocky, but a mourning Lorelai gives a speech at her father’s funeral that sets Emily off. Sadly, like most of us have experienced, grief is very real and we all react differently. But as the chapters go on, Emily and Lorelai do reach a point of understanding and finally their relationship is starting to build.

Luke is Luke. He’s handy, he’s stubborn and set in his ways but he is also very loving, caring and super proud of Rory’s journalism ventures and his relationship with Lorelai.  Their Alice in Wonderland themed wedding was beyond magical and beautiful.

Rory. Oh Rory. We find out that she is still seeing Logan, but in a very “loose way”. See what I did there. Rory also is living quite nomadically, going between countries, not settling in one place, discovering who she is and where she thinks she wants to go. She soon finds out that life is not what we all thought or planned it would be. Life throws us a curve ball and it’s up to us to decide how to get up, and decide our new path. (THIS IS WHY WE NEED ANOTHER 4 CHAPTERS). One issue I had with Rory is the sense of entitlement. I am unsure if Mrs. Palladino wrote her this way or not, but Rory came across as if she is entitled to be successful and not be in the situation that she was in. From the original series run, her character was not that way, she was humbled. But then again, like real life, we all change when we get older.

Other characters like Paris, Michel, Lane, Zach, Babette and the rest of the Stars Hallow gang have not aged or changed and the ever awesome Kirk is still hilarious. If I wrote a review solely based on Kirk throughout the four chapters, it would be nothing short of singing his praises. Sean Gunn reminds us how awesome and funny Kirk is.

As for the boyfriends of Christmas past, seeing Jesse and Dean was nice. We all remember our first love and the “bad” boys we dated along the way and how they helped shaped our lives. Well, except for Chad Michael Murray. I guess he couldn’t be bothered coming back as Tristan. Which, if it wasn’t for his role as Tristan, would he even have had the chance to play Lucas Scott in One Tree Hill? Just saying….. always count your blessing.

Overall, I think the reunion was nicely done. Sure, it felt like the early 00’s again but so what?! The episodes were funny, some story lines got complicated but that’s life.

My favorite moments are listed below, but i also want to know what were yours? Let me know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

My Favorite moments. I attempted to put them in order but it got too difficult.

  • Luke and Lorelai’s wedding
  • Emily wearing casual clothes (jeans and a Candies shirt)
  • Dean and Rory get to say goodbye on a good note
  • Kirk’s short movie “A Second Film by Kirk”
  • Paris freaking out over seeing fake Tristan
  • Lorelai’s Wild moment of clarity
  • Sookie’s return. You always need your best friend.

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