Stephanie’s Top 3 Favorite Songs

As most of us say while listening to an old song or a song with meaning on the radio “that’s my favorite song ever” but we all know that isn’t quite true. The song may have a special meaning for us but is it truly our favorite song ever?

I can honestly say that the 3 songs I am about to name are my favorite songs of all time and why.

  1. Coldplay “Fix You”. The song was written for Chris Martin’s ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow, for the loss of her father. The song is about the sorrow experienced and the will to try and fix it and help the one you love. This song could not have come at a better and life changing time for me. Not to get to personal, but growing up was not easy. The album was released on my 18th birthday, right around the same time Brendan and I started dating. For our relationship to be so new I felt something I had never felt before. As Brendan and I got to really know each other, I decided to share some experiences from my past that was still affecting my current life at that moment. As time went on, without even knowing it, Brendan was already helping me, helping me find the light, helping me in finding true happiness and love. When I heard this song, heard the words and the meaning, I knew in some way this was us. Sure, Brendan didn’t write this song but it literally captured what he did. He fixed me. And 11 years later, I am a better person because of him. Every time I hear this song I can’t help but tear a bit, to remember the person I was to the woman I am now. I will forever be grateful for that.
  1. Foo Fighters “Everlong”. The first time I saw this video, I was in 5th grade and it was on MTV, back when MTV still showed at least 35% of music videos. The filmography of the video was so cool and the song was so raw that even till this day I can help but air drum the entire song. Since the day I saw this video, I’ve wanted to learn to play the drums. I still haven’t learned, but it’s never too late. Twelve years later, I ended up going to see Foo Fighters in concert and they can seriously put on a great show.
  1. Muse “Knights of Cydonia”. I fell in love with this song solely based on the music video. No lie. This video randomly came on while I was watching tv and it grabbed my attention. My face had a huge WTF look on. I was so confused by what was going on but I was intrigued at the same time because the sound was downright captivating and just so great. Once it finished I went on my computer and played the song on constant replay, downloaded every single Muse album and fell in love with the band. Brendan and I saw them in concert in 2012 and they are honestly the best band I’ve ever seen in concert. They are so reminiscent of Queen. The talent is purely genius.

The runner ups include Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven”. I truly have a lot of favorite songs. This could have ended up being “Stephanie’s top 50 favorite songs of all time” but I’ll spare you the torture. Some of my favorite songs are quite terrible.

So, nerds, what’s your favorite song of all time?



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