Happy Halloween 2016

Sup, Nerds

❤️👻🎃☠️ HAPPY HALLOWEEN ☠️🎃👻❤️


If you didn’t know or couldn’t tell Halloween is my favorite holiday. It doesn’t require spending an obscene amount of money on presents or work crazy hours to pay for those presents. Halloween requires a great costume, a fun time with family and friends, laughing, eating and just having a great time. Most people countdown to Christmas………. I count down to Halloween. When November 1st arrives, we start planning ahead for the following year.

Is it eerie, that as an adult I celebrate Halloween to its full potential? Absolutely not. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved Halloween. When I was younger, my dad and I would always watch The Nightmare Before Christmas, put up Halloween decorations and come October 31st we’d get dressed up in our costumes and go trick o’ treating.

Lucky for me, in more ways than one, I married someone who shares my same enthusiasm and love for Halloween. For the last 11 years Brendan and I have created our own Halloween traditions. Aside from dressing up, some of our traditions include going to the pumpkin patch and picking out pumpkins to carve, going to Temple Hall Farms (Northern Virginia) Corn Maize, and having our annual Halloween party. We haven’t had a Halloween party since 2013 but this year, since we have our own home, we had house warming/Halloween party and it was a grand time.

We want to hear from you nerds… What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kids/adult?

Happy Halloween everyone and be safe.


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