Shows I’ve Given Up On


There have been so many shows that I have given up on throughout the years, but within the last few years, that list keeps growing. I have been let down so many times from shows that I loved all because of how the writers end the story. I am sure most of you have experienced the same (looking at you “The Sopranos”) and I wanted to share that frustration and why I will no longer invest seasons/years’ worth of watching shows to only have the series finale be crap.

Where it all began. Years ago, a few of my favorite shows consisted of Nip Tuck, Rescue Me and Dexter. I could name more but these stood out the most.

Nip Tuck started off great, the writing, crazy stories, the cool but creepy intro and the acting was all there, but after a great season 3, the story lost its way and it wasn’t the same show anymore. As a loyal viewer, I kept watching Nip Tuck, because after all, I did invest my time and after 6 seasons, the finale was weak and it was almost like it wasn’t even the same show. For me, this was by far the worst show that I wasted my time on.

Rescue Me had a very sad and somber tone but what grabbed me was the realism behind the show. It followed New York firefighters dealing with the aftermath of 9/11. It did not follow real people but it followed how it affected the main fictional character played by Denis Leary. The show was funny, dealt with real family issues, had drama and the occasional WTF moments. For the most part the show was consistent but towards the end of season 6 and all of season 7 with the finale was just unreal. For me, the finale was not the right ending.

Dexter. Dexter. Dexter. Spoiler alert. Dexter, in my opinion, should have either died or been caught. Period. That entire series was fantastic, even down to the last season but the last few episodes were just sloppy. They tried to give Dexter this Disney fairytale ending and granted he didn’t get to live his happy ending, he instead lives as a lumberjack. I loved his character development and how he was becoming a human, but with the last season, they rushed his development and it showed. It all happened way too quickly. If the writers had started his “humanizing” development in the previous season or had 1 more season to just clean it up, it would have been perfect. Instead, the fans got a super rushed story and it just didn’t feel true to Dexter’s character.

The three shows I detailed, were the shows that stood out for me. Since then, I’ve vowed not to waste anymore of my time on shows where the writing is noticeably different, the character development is not there or if the show is just all over the place. I will list the shows that I’ve given up on and at the season mark down below. If you disagree on any of the shows I’ve given up on, let me know why you still currently watch. Maybe your outlook might bring me back to that show.

  • Ray / season 3
  • The Strain / season 2
  • MARVEL Agents of Shield / season 3
  • The Vampire Diaries / season 6
  • The Originals / season 2
  • Fear the Walking Dead / season 1
  • Reign / season 2



One thought on “Shows I’ve Given Up On

  1. Stephanie Cardozo says:

    Haha! I’ve also given up on Reign, Vamp Diaries, and The Strain. The most recent drop was Grey’s Anatomy. I literally yelled at the T.V. Before completing the episode and cancelled future recordings. 🙄


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