A Bucket List for Books?

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am an avid book reader. Granted, since I’ve moved to Virginia, my book reading has been slow going and that is about to change. Now that Brendan and I have purchased our first home, and we are getting settled in, I am ready to start reading again, to get the imagination flowing. While I was unpacking our moving boxes (about 50% of the moving boxes were only books), I realized that even though I am an avid reader, I have not read any of the classics. Some of these classics I’ve actually purchased myself with the intent of reading or I received them as gifts from previous birthdays or Christmases. My intent was to read them but I was too caught up on what ever recent book release. With that being said, I have created a “book bucket list”, books that I, as a book lover, should have read already. Some of the books on my list are books that I read as a kid but I have forgotten the exact story and want to remember that feeling I felt when I first read that book. Its almost like listening to that song you loved as a kid and even though it might not be your favorite song as an adult, when you hear it, you remember that time in your life. The same goes for reading a book.

To keep myself accountable, for the new year I am challenging myself, others and you, our readers, to join in on the book challenge that I am currently in the process of creating (the post containing the list coming soon) or any book challenge. Reading is such a beautiful thing to do, to escape reality, to imagine, challenge and create with your mind. If you haven’t read in a very long time, find a subject that you enjoy and get to it. I encourage you.

::. Book Bucket List .::

The Merchant of Venice

Interview with the Vampire



A Little Princess

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Wuthering Heights

If you have books in mind that you think i should read, let me know and Ill add it to the list.


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