Meet Chunk!

Sup, Nerds!

Brendan and I want to introduce you to our newest member at Sup, Nerds! and our new fur baby, Chunk. We adopted him in May and we picked him up on June 26. If you follow our Facebook page (if you don’t, please head on over and like our page) you would have seen our announcement and several photos of him, but this is our official way of introducing him to you all.

I’m sure from here on out you’ll be seeing a lot of Chunk in our videos and photos. Ill post photos down below (from oldest to what he currently looks like at the time of this post) so you can see how small he was when we first met him to how big he’s gotten since.

Chunk’s stats:                                          

Breed: Golden Retriever

Sex: Male

Current Age: 5 months

Size: 40 lbs. and growing way too fast. He will end up being roughly 70-75 lbs.

Notes: Extremely loving, playful and knows his commands. He also loves long walks, food, eating mulch when we’re not looking and sleeping in front of his personal fan.

Mr. Chunk


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