Suicide Squad

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With the hatchet job that was done to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, I had reservations going into Suicide Squad, especially after hearing about the sudden re-shoots and editing scenes. Also, what didn’t help, was the seemingly personal vendetta the critics have against the film and DC in general.

Suicide Squad rating: 6.5/7.0 out of 10.

Alright here’s my take…

Reading the reviews did lower my exceptions. I also realize you have some folks who don’t like DC Comics or the DC films, movie goers who try to compare the DCU to the MCU and some folks who are movie purist snobs, who dislike comic book films in general. Needless to say, some of the reviews were easy to dismiss.

As for the movie, the main accomplishment was building the DC Universe on film. They managed to get the job done with connecting Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad to Justice League.

Though very brief with his appearances, if you combine how Suicide Squad ended, the after credit scene, and then add his performance from BvS, it makes you want to see a solo Ben Affleck Batman film.


There was no major villain and the things/creatures they fought looked cheesy, like puddies from the original Power Rangers. When I say there was no ‘major villain ‘ I actually mean one of great threat or even one that caused some sort of dread. The brother of Enchantress was ridiculously bad. And how they handled Enchantress was terrible.


The Squad usually goes against superheroes that act against Cadmus interest or infiltration etc. Enchantress was way out of their league, and yet, she was watered down to basically gozer 2.0 the bootleg version! Next time the world has a supernatural problem, I suggest that DC calls on Justice League Dark.

The fight/action scenes were still dope, which has been consistent with DCU thus far.

Amanda Waller, Harley Quinn and Deadshot were great/dope but everyone else was just there.

With Killer Croc, Capt. Boomerang and especially Diablo, you got glimpse of a potential story, but not enough was given that made you want to really care for them. Rick Flagg was alright. He played the patriotic soldier well. But it appeared as though some scenes were cut and prevented the story and history between him and Enchantress.

Capt. Boomerang’s lack of screen time was a letdown, considering he is one of the bigger villains of The Flash. The scene where they showed The Flash capturing him was a positive/smart move with connecting all of the films together. Great DCU building.

As for Joker, he was barely in this movie and not important to the story. I liked the little I did see. He came off mad creepy and unpredictable like a gangster/horror character. Hopefully, he is given more time to shine in future DCU films.

Like Batman v Superman, this movie had scenes removed and re-shoots that would have explained and showed a better flow of not only the story but the character development. But like BvS, all of the original content will be released with the DVD/Blu Ray and if it is like the BvS extended edition it will be a vastly better film.

Overall I was entertained. The film did drag in the middle act and it was obvious several scenes were missing from the trailers but unlike the theatrical release of BvS, Suicide Squad managed to flow a bit better in comparison. I have seen worse movies (of all genres) than Suicide Squad. I chalk that hyperbole up to some critics talking out of their asses.

The film had missteps, but we have allow Warner Bros to learn from the missteps and give them the space to build on what they created, to only make it better. The main issues is that Warner Bros needs give DC more creative control on these projects and not panic at the first sight of perceived negativity.

Also, I don’t know how Suicide Squad didn’t get an R rating with the language .It was kind of amazing what you can get away with saying in PG-13 films these days.  Or maybe I’m getting “washed” as the millennials say.

Ant-man out!




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