Jason Bourne


I wish I could have been wrong about my Jason Bourne rant I post a couple months ago, but sadly I was proven right. Like I stated before, to come back after almost 10 years, even with the same crew as the first 3 films, do something new or something we haven’t seen. They gave us a sub par film. They should have just continued with the new story with Jeremy Renner and Matt Damon making a cameo.


The forth Bourne film for Matt Damon and the worst. It was very boring and just seemed unnecessary to come back after so many years have passed to only do nothing new. Once again the same gimmicks and same plot with some small, unwanted changes.

Fight Scenes: Most of the fight sequences were close ups compared to the other films where they were wide angle fight sequences. The fight scenes were so close up and shaky that it was all over the place.

Plot: Same old plot we’ve seen before, except, this time Jason Bourne had no reason to come back. He was dragged back into it because of Julia Stiles. Which, spoiler alert, she gets killed. Jason is then trying to figure out why his dad died and why the government lied. Which, if you’ve seen any TV show or movies like Homeland or 24, you know that working for the CIA you are expendable and Jason should have known this by now. Fast forward to the end of the movie, no one catches Bourne and he’s back in the States. What a shock.

Another part of the film that gave me a chuckle is that it was almost a sequel to Ocean’s 12 & 13. They cast Vincent Cassel aka François “Night Fox” Toulour. Although Mr. Cassel is a great actor, it seemed to close to the Ocean films, with Damon and Cassel trying to “win” and the Las Vegas setting.

I am really not trying to bash this film. It wasn’t the worst one I’ve seen this year. To put it mildly or as Brendan said after we walked out, this movie should have been called “Jason Bored”. Brendan fell asleep midway into the movie, and not just a nap, he actually snored. That should be an indicator on how slow and boring the movie was. Sorry Matt Damon, we appreciate you coming back but you should have done something new.


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