Wizard World Philadelphia 2016: Day 3

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Plan of attack for today, get noticed by either Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston or Stephen Amell in my pop art zombie makeup. Did I succeed? Why yes I did, and it was AWESOME. Keep reading to see how it all unfolds.

I decided to cosplay as a “Pop Art Zombie”. I did this same look for Halloween and it took me two and a half hours. I was on a serious time crunch, since the Captain America Panel line started at 9:00 am. I managed to do my look in one hour and 45 minutes. Because I was rushing, I missed a few details here and there, I didn’t get to paint my entire body like I wanted, but the face was 90% completed. Now, it was time to take a cab (if we had walked to the convention my face would have melted off) and run to the front section of the Cap panel.

The room was packed, but thanks to my new friend, Shannon, we were able to get seats in the front. If you know me, you know that I was going to take my happy ass to the very front of the stage, make sure to take some photos/videos of the panel, and to make sure I succeed in getting noticed in my makeup. You would never know that I am 29 years old. The panel had lots of laughs and funny moments.

  • Anthony Mackie with the cute baby in the 3rd row
  • Sebastian Stan finally getting his plums
  • Chris Evans telling Anthony Mackie who Harley Quinn is (Suicide Squad. Duh!)

DSC_0123(Photo Credit: Stephanie O’Shea)

The panel ended and all 3 men went towards the front of stage where I was waiting. Here was my chance to get noticed. Sebastian Stan turned towards my direction, once I put my gigantic camera down from my face, he saw my makeup and said “Oh shit! Your make up is great”. I was expecting a wave or something, but not a compliment like that. I was surprisingly shocked and so happy that I was really fangirling.

DSC_0163.jpg(Photo Credit: Stephanie O’Shea)

If you are still reading this, we thank you and please bare with us, Saturday was a very long day and we want to share it all with you. The Captain America panel took up most of our morning.


In the afternoon, Brendan and I attended a panel for a short film titled “DINNER”. If you haven’t heard of this short film, we encourage you to check out the  links below. You wont be disappointed.

The panel begins with the short film. Very Buffy the Vampire Slayer esque mixed with The Walking Dead and throw in some Judd Apatow humor and that is DINNER. Seems great right?! To top it all off, the short film was made on a ZERO budget.

The writer/producer/director, Aleksandra Svetlichnaya, is also the leading lady. Her entire DINNER: Movie crew was really nice about answering all of the questions and giving you some very helpful tips, not just about filming but about acting as well. This panel was very informative for Brendan and me and we learning a lot.

Next panel was the Screen Junkies Movie Fights. Brendan and I looked forward to this, since we watch Movie Fights on YouTube. Towards the end of the panel, Andy Signor asked if any fans wanted to fight. Without any hesitation, I jumped up and walked to the microphone. I picked from a list of topics on the sheet Andy had, and I chose to fight Dan Murrell. The question I selected to fight was “Who would win in a fight between John Wick and Jason Bourne?” . I picked John Wick and Dan had Jason. I did loose, BUT, I also don’t play Movie Fights for a living so I am not that quick. My points were still there but Dan was quicker. I still think John Wick would beat Jason Bourne. Wanna fight me? lets go.

After the panels, I found out that Sebastian Stan would be making his way towards the autograph section and I figured, why not try and see if hell recognize me again. While I was waiting for Sebastian, Stephen Amell aka Arrow, walked right by me, saw my makeup, and said “What’s up”. My mind was saying “Oh Shit, Stephen Amell just looked at me and said what’s up to me”.  Today was full of great surprises.

Back to Mr. Stan. He was walking towards his autograph area and I very politely tapped his shoulder and asked if I could  take a photo with him and he said sure. He was extremely nice and very welcoming to is fans. I amuser grateful that he not only complimented my hard work (my makeup) but he also took a photo with me. So thank you Sebastian Stan for being a stand up guy!


Disclaimer: If you see your business/photo and would like the original high resolution photo, please contact us and I will be happy to email it to you. We just ask that if you use this photo on any social media sites to please use the hashtag #supnerds, credit Sup, Nerds! and like our Facebook page.


After the panels, we walked around the con floor, saw some new cosplay looks, and even saw a Gizmonic worker aka Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Brendan wore the same costume last year. After another long but exciting day, we still had one more day, the last day, Day 4. Stay tuned…



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