Torture Stephanie Special: Return of the Living Dead 2

Released Date: January 15, 1988
Running Time: 89 Minutes
Movie Suggested By: Brendan O’Shea


Torture Stephanie Episode I and hopefully the last.

For a nice little change and possible a break from the torture, Brendan decided to switch things up, without telling me, and he decided to create a special edition of Torture Stephanie. Instead of choosing from the “Hulk mug of torture”, Brendan picked my torture film and that was “Return of the Living Dead 2”. I know I’ll get some shit for this but damn that movie sucks major ass. Unlike Brendan, I don’t have a beer rating system because I just don’t like beer.

I like all types of movies and I don’t mind campy horror films, but this movie was just so stupidly annoying. The trio that consisted of Ed, Joey and Brenda was just so damn annoying and their acting was just terrible. Then you have the main character Billy, who literally looks and acts like the annoying son, Sam, from The Walking Dead. Last but not least, the “tough” bad kid is played by a ginger with braces? Come on! Really. The tough kid is a ginger with braces? HA!

I couldn’t handle the torture from this movie and apparently neither could my mind or body because after 45 mins I passed out. Therefore I am not sure how it ended and nor do I care to go back and finish it.

Kudos to my husband for creating his “Torture Brendan” segment because I am unsure of how he does it. Maybe the beers actually do help.

*watch the torture below*


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