Wizard World Philadelphia 2016: Day 2

Friday, June 3, 2016

Today was an exciting day for a couple reasons. One, I decided to cosplay as Harley Quinn but with my own spin. I knew everyone and their mother was going to be Harley from Suicide Squad (and there is nothing wrong with that) but I wanted to do something a little different. I decided to go as Dr. Harleen Quinzel transitioning into crazy Harley Quinn. With the help of my amazing husband, Brendan, he outlined the lips and teeth while I colored it in. For some weird reason, I am able to do my pop art zombie with no assistance and yet with my Harley lips, I just couldn’t do it. Good thing my husband and I are  team awesome.

After putting on my regular makeup and then adding the crazy lips it was time to be Harley.


The second reason why I was excited was because I was meeting my new friend, Shannon. Thanks to Chris Evans, a lot of people became friends thru Wizard World’s Facebook page. He brought a lot of people together, who probably would have never met. And that’s were Shannon comes in. I was looking for panel tickets for Captain America and Shannon offered her extra ticket to me. We chatted a few times before the con, and today was the day I was meeting this very generous person. After meeting up for a few minutes, I got my tickets and I gave her a thank you gift. Captain America themed of course.

After Shannon and I parted ways, it was time to hit up some of the panels and meet some new people.

We attended a Game of Thrones panel and a Screen Junkies honest trailers panel. While Brendan and I were taking our seats, at the exact time I sat down, without looking at the person next to us, a Joker sits next to me, which was hilarious. I had no Joker and he had no Harley, but now we had each other for this panel. His costume was pretty spot on.


Disclaimer: If you see your business/photo and would like the original high resolution photo, please contact us and I will be happy to email it to you.  We just ask that if you use this photo on any social media sites to please use the hashtag #supnerds, credit Sup, Nerds! and like our Facebook page.

Artists Alley

Chroma Coma: Artist W. Andrew Sheppard has a talent that we have not seen at comic con before. He creates these portraits of characters on a chalk base using cray-pas (oil pastels). We kept going back throughout the day and we finally decided to purchase 4 portraits. We bought a Michael Meyers, Captain America Chris Evans, Thor Chris Hemsworth and a Batman comic portrait. Mr. Sheppard was the highlight of the Artist Alley on Saturday.

DSC_0049We are not sure if this gentlemen was an artists or just supporting an artist, but his shirt was a major highlight for Brendan, who is a huge Philadelphia Flyers and a Misfits fan.


On Friday, cosplayers took traditional characters and created a new look, while others stayed true to the character they were portraying. Either way, it was equally awesome. What Brendan and I truly love seeing are parents getting involved and the entire family dressing up. What an awesome way to bond with you kids and have a great time.


Batman & Robin: We’ve never seen a Robin costume so well made! My baby brother, Dominick, is a huge Robin collector and I know he would have liked to see this in person. The attention to detail as awesome.


Borderlands Couple: WOW was the first thing we said when we saw them. The way they made themselves look as though they were straight out of a graphic novel or game was so damn cool. Even the mask lit up. Head on over to their social media page and check out their other outfits from the weekend.

After a long day of cosplaying, walking around and meeting new people, it was time to walk back to our hotel (15 blocks away). Since we were in Philly after all, and sometimes can be unsafe, it was time to change my clothes, take off my makeup (so that I won’t draw any extra attention to myself) and make our way back to our room. Another successful Wizard World day.




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