Wizard World Philadelphia 2016: Day 1


Thursday, June 2, 2016

The weekend that we’ve been planning was here.  We checked into our hotel, walked 15 blocks to the convention center and we finally made it.  I ended up not cosplaying like I had planned since we were running later than expected, but it worked out since it was hot as hell outside.

Preview day is our favorite day since the attendance is lower and it gives us time to just relax, get the lay of the land and check out some really talented artists at the Artists Alley.  We also got meet some cool cosplayers and we can’t wait to show you all the awesome looks that these cosplayers created.

Disclaimer: If you see your photo and want to use it for any social media, please credit Sup, Nerds! use the hashtag #supnerds, like our Facebook page and follow our blog. I know that is a huge request but we greatly appreciate it.


Artists Alley

RIPT Apparel: It was hard walking away from these awesome shirts! So original and all created by this awesome team.

Also check out Chase aka THOM2MARO at all of this social media sites. He is one of the designers for the company above, RIPT Apparel, and has his own site with his shirt designs.

2 Artists: What grabbed my attention was this Black Panther canvas (art work with artist Terrell Jefferson). The drawing and the precise coloring is phenomenal. Yes, the canvas is just black in color but it still takes skill to paint this well. The second artist, Danielle Sanders, was just as talented. Her canvas of Joker with the detail to the drawing and paintings was captivating. This was not a print to canvas, this was an actual painting. How she managed to paint this the way she did was pure magic.

The Art of Bianca Roman-Stumpff: What attracted me to her booth was her Disney Storybook prints. It was different and captured everything from that specific Disney Princess. She also has other cool prints.

Period Panties: Pretty much self-explanatory. I’ve only seen these online and usually are costly, but they had them at a discounted price, so I purchased a pair. Hilarity with a side of TMI ensues.

HEROFIED Art By Rob Taylor: We were extremely tempted to purchase one of these. We did not because we knew we would have bought more than one. All of them were equally amazing and the way the light is capture on them brings out the colors beautifully. My favorite (not picture) was the Zoom/ Flash in an all darkish blue color.

Unfortunately, the artwork below did not have business cards but the work is hilarious and in such a great way. Our favorite canvas is the top far right.

Let me know if you get “it” right away.


Overall, a great preview day. We met and mingled with new people and saw some awesome artwork. Stay tuned for Day 2.




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