Jason Bourne Rant

Here’s my rant. I love Matt Damon. He’s a great actor and writer but coming back for a fourth Bourne film is becoming redundant. The last Jason Bourne film with Matt Damon was in 2007. All three films were great and Damon did a great job, but so did Jeremy Renner with “The Bourne Legacy”. It didn’t make as much money but it wasn’t that bad. I very much enjoyed it. Sure, the first 3 films were better but they were trying to give us a new story and I welcome that.  Now with the fifth film, it’s the same exact film we got in 2007. It’s Matt Damon as Jason Bourne with salt & pepper hair, fighting, kicking ass and trying to find answers with his trusting friend Julia Stiles. Which begs the next question, why is she back? WE DON’T CARE! They are giving us a trailer that looks like the first three films with the same gimmicky “oh now you see me” and then a bus or car drives by, “and now you don’t”.

I would have enjoyed seeing Renner and Damon come together in a film but they just brushed Renner under the rug for a later date (who knows if well ever see him again in the franchise).

Before any of you call me out, I will admit that I will go and watch “Jason Bourne”. After all, I do love movies. Maybe, after I’ve seen the movie, my review of the film will differ from my rant.


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