Torture Brendan Episode IX: Cloud Atlas

Released Date: October 26, 2012
Running Time: 172 Minutes
Movie Suggested By: Kristin Bettarelli Staudt

I could literally sum this movie up with one picture…

cloud atlas
Yes, an all star cast managed to make a film that begs the question, “What the fuck?”
The movie takes place of 5 or six time periods, with different stories, that are supposed to be connected to each other, somehow, in the most loose way possible.  We get it all, and by all, I mean, “What the fuck?”

I honestly can’t write a better review, because I looked up the synopsis on IMDB before, and still had no idea of what was going on.  All I can say, is I enjoyed Jupiter Ascending more.  That should give you a clue as to how bad this movie is.

Beers: 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺… Beer way to hell 🔥

*watch the torture below*



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