FOX = Recycle Broadcasting Television Network

FOX just released trailers for their upcoming fall lineup and most are reboots, zombies (shows that died and came back again) and just over all recycled material. Let’s go down the list shall we.

Lethal Weapon, Prison Break, 24: Legacy, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and The Exorcist are all reboots. Yes, Prison Break was brought back from the dead and 24: Legacy follows a different story other than Jack Bauer’s but it is all the same recycled material. The Mick is literally Sweet Dee Reynolds from Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It’s almost as if Dee finally got the acting gig that she always wanted. Son of Zorn is very similar to Space Ghost Coast to Coast. The same type of humor and animated mixed with the real life blend. Then you have The Star aka Empire 2.0. I am not trying to bash these shows or the network. I think The Mick will be funny (Always Sunny is one of my favorite shows) and due to the great casting of some of these shows they can take flight but, when will television networks and film studios create new ideas instead of reusing the same, used up material?

The one and only new material is called Pitch. It follows a woman who becomes the first female to play for the MLB. I was very happy to see this for the simple reason that as child, I played basketball and dreamed of being the first woman to play for the NBA. Obviously that never happened, hasn’t happened and probably will never happen, but I remember that feeling as a young girl, wanting to be better than the guys, wanting to prove everyone wrong, including myself, feeling a sort of rush from pushing harder to be better. Based on the trailer, I think this would be a great show for young girls to watch everywhere, especially in today’s time. It shows the struggle of a woman who wants to be the best, a woman who pushes herself and motivates herself to be better. That is a great message to teach to young girls, nothing is given, you must work hard and push thru the struggle to make it. That’s what life is about.

I’ll give Pitch, The Mick and 24: Legacy a chance. Other than those, FOX can keep the rest.

The trailers for the fall lineup are below. Let me know what your thoughts are.




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