Torture Brendan Episode VI: Gods and Monsters

Released Date: November 4, 1998
Running Time: 105 Minutes
Movie Suggested By: Elizabeth A. Walk


So, this movie is a little hard to trash, because of the “safe space” bubble we live in today.  I honestly think, they made this movie with the idea, “oh, it’s about a homosexual, so it’s automatically ultramodern.”

 Seriously, I expect more from gay Hollywood and Sir Magneto.  I really don’t know what I watched.  A gay has-been struggles with mental issues and befriends/stalks the beefcake landscaper.  That’s pretty much it.  Everything just seems so forced.  I use to live in a city with a huge gay population, and even they would find the main character a tad bit too gay and creepy.   

 Yes, I know it’s based on a true story.

 I really didn’t drink too much through this movie, mainly because I was battling the sleepiness that came over me while watching this slow slow slow film.  I highly recommend this film if you have insomnia. 

 Beers: 🍺🍺

 *Witness the torture below*


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