Free Comic Book Day 2016


As most of you know, Free Comic Book Day was held on Saturday May 7th at comic book stores around the States.

For me, free comic book day is not only about the comics but about meeting other people who love comics, exploring different comic book stores and dressing up (what a shock right? I know). Since I live in northern Virginia now, I only know of a couple comic book stores, but this year I decided to try a new store that recently celebrated their first anniversary, Comic Logic.

Doors opened at 11 am and I was there at 12:30pm. Of course there was a line, but it actually moved pretty quickly. It was nice to see parents bring their children and adults bringing themselves, acting just as excitedly as kids. A few adults, including myself, were dressed up.  It appeared as though the owner of Comic Logic was dressed up, since he literally looked like he could be Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s slimmer twin brother. (FYI if you don’t know who that is IMDB him, he’s in everything). The best dressed of the FCBD goes to the couple below. The detail to their looks were amazing.

The Rocketeer coupleDSC_0016

I went as Jessica Jones, the Netflix Krysten Ritter version not comic book versionIMG_8041

While I was waiting in line, the comic book store did such a great job keeping the line moving. Customers were able to select 5 comics (I only took 3 so that it left more for the kiddies). They also had activities for kids from face painting to Jedi training and even surprise gift giveaways.


I will say that I do miss TATES Comic Book store in South Florida. Their store is amazing! Not only do they have a HUGE selection of comics and books but they have a huge selection of collectible items as well, along with a local artist section. For my south Floridian nerds, if you have never been to TATES you need to go. It’s the best! I have been to many comic book stores and none of them compare to TATES.

Thanks to Comic Logic for being my neighborhood comic book store and allowing me to be myself, a nerd, on Free Comic Book Day.

See you next year FCBD




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