Cosplay + Hot Topic = Interestingly Captivating

The practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game, especially one from the Japanese genres of manga and anime.

Cosplay is such a fun experience, whether it’s for Halloween, Comic Con or just for everyday life. Halloween is my favorite holiday and ever since I could remember I’ve always dressed up as my favorite character from pink Power Ranger Kimberly (the originals, duh!), a pirate, Disney princess and even Jean Grey from X-Men to name a few. In the last few years, I’ve heard about this Cosplay Community, where people just like me love to dress up and attended events. When I heard of this, the first thing I thought was “Halloween all year round WAHOOOOOO”. The last 3 years or so I’ve not only dressed up for Halloween but I cosplay at comic cons. With that said, I wanted to share some of the tips I’ve learned along the way.

Cosplaying, depending on the character, or how creative you want to get, can become very costly. I am all about being creative and making things your own but sometimes you need a “base”. What I mean by that, is that I, for one cannot sew or do anything to create clothes of any kind, therefore I need a base, something to start with and build from there and make it my own. Stores like Hot Topic are great for bases. Sure, Hot Topic is hipster central BUT they do have a decent selection of clothes and accessories to build an idea on. I’ve noticed that people like to sway away from Hot Topic and I am not sure why. Yes, they sell the same stuff that other people can wear, but you can buy the same thing and turn it into your own style. They have great online deals and you can easily create a look under $60 and then you can let the creativity flow and make it your own or you can wear the outfit as is. The thing about cosplaying is that there is no right or wrong. Some people might say differently but I say they’re wrong.

My first time cosplaying I was nervous, on a time frame and on a budget. So I decided to go by Hot Topic to see what they had to offer. What I ended up finding was a dress I could wear to be Wednesday Addams. I already had black hair so this was perfect. My outfit was in my budget ($25) and it was simple. I did my own hair and makeup and it ended up being a hit. A lot of people gave me compliments on my look and it helped me realize that people should give Hot Topic a chance.


(Dress: Hot Topic / Leggings & Flats: Target / Makeup: I used what I already owned)

I went by the store recently to check out their DC Bombshells line and it’s not that bad. I already have my comic con outfits but I wanted to try on the Wonder Woman outfit and I loved it. My recommendation is that if you’re curious about cosplaying, on a budget or even a cosplaying pro, just check out Hot Topic. You’ll be very surprised at what you’ll find.IMG_7956Other budget friendly places to check out are your local stores like Ross, Forever 21, Joann’s and Michaels. Another place you can almost find everything is Amazon. I went as Black Widow for Halloween a few years ago and I bought a men’s black diving suit for only $17.99 and created my look from there.

IMG_1907.jpg Black Widow and HawkeyeIMG_1872.jpg

🔸If you have any questions on cosplaying send me a message and I’ll help any way I can.

🔸If you’ve ever dressed up I’d love to see what you’ve gone as. Post photos below or on our Facebook page.



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