Torture Brendan Episode III: Gigli

Released Date: August 1, 2003
Running Time: 121 Minutes
Movie Suggested By: Michael Cleary

The movie I couldn’t finish

It was for the best, that nobody had seen this movie.  Had this movie been huge, it would have ruined Affleck’s career.  He should seriously punch the writer/director in the face.  Ben, you should thank God you live in the U.S. of A, you A hole.  If we were in Soviet Russia, retard make fun of you.  I would give you a mandatory sentence of community service, cleaning rest rooms at the Special Olympics, the same year taco bell would decide to sponsor them.  And for you to watch this movie before, and after the games, every day.

While probing IMDB, I learned that the director was originally set to direct Rain Man, but dropped out due to creative differences.  Thank God!  I could only imagine if you had fucked that movie up.  Do you hear me, Martin Brest? You are like Tarantino with his obsession with the “N” word, only with the “R” word.  “Oh look at me look at me.  I’m artistic, I’m avant garde.  So, it’s ok, it’s art”.  Fuck you.

New rules going forward, No movies making fun of mentally handicapped people, and no dogs being tortured.

Beer? More like 1 cup of piss 💩🔫

*Witness the torture below


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