Round 2: Wizard World Philadelphia 2015

Our second year at comic con was a much calmer visit than the first. We knew what to expect (i.e. crowds, celebrity photo ops, etc…), we did not plan on meeting any celebs, we just wanted to relax and have a different experience. Brendan and I decided to cosplay for the first time. We originally wanted to do 3 days of cosplay but I figured we should start small and get the hang of cosplaying, especially since we had not planned on going and we did not have enough time to plan out something amazing. (I am a huge planner and extremely organized. Just call me Monica Gellar).

 We were unable to attend Thursday’s preview day since we had to work and we were driving from another state, so we went on Friday AND we dressed up. Brendan went as Joel from Mystery Science Theatre 3000, red jumpsuit and all, and I went as Wednesday Addams (photos below). The interactions that we had with other cosplayers and non cosplayers was so amazingly cool. I am somewhat of an introvert and I was shocked when so many people wanted pictures with me and gave me so many compliments on my outfit. At one point while my husband and I were walking down the escalator, a group of horror film themed cosplayers were in the middle of a photo op with someone who had asked to take a photo and the next thing I heard was “Hey Wednesday get in this, you’re just as crazy as we are”. The person who said this was dressed as Jason Voorhees and he even gave me his machete prop for the photo. That was by far the coolest experience I’ve had cosplaying at comic con. I felt like I belonged to a world I had no idea existed. Wednesday Addams is brooding and pissed off, plotting to hurt or kill someone or something and it was very hard for me to refrain from smiling at that moment because I was so happy, but I managed, somewhat. After a fun filled weekend of walking around, meeting other nerds like us, taking photos, attending panels from locals and pretty much doing our version of “relaxing” it was time to go back to Virginia after another successful year.

 What I learned from round 2 of comic con is that the cosplay community are very inviting people for the most part. The awesome people we met were very friendly, we would share tips on cosplaying and talk about the city of brotherly love. Occasionally, you can run into people who can be rude, who do not want their photo taken but they have their own reasons and we can’t fault them for that.

 I am super excited about going to comic con again this year for the 3rd year in a row. Wizard World Philly is something we look forward to every year now.      They have been good to us and because of that, we have no desire to attend SDCC anymore. Would we turn down a trip to San Diego, the whale’s vagina? No way! But Wizard World gives us everything we could have hoped for and more from a comic con; it’s only a 3 hour car drive away and it happens to be in our favorite city, Philadelphia. GO FLYERS! Philadelphia_Flyers

 Stay tuned, year 3 is only two months away…..

 PS. I can’t believe they closed down the WAWA’s in front of the convention. This is blasphemy




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