May I Suggest Netflix?



For those of you, who are like us and have had Netflix since the beginning or for those of you who are new to Netflix, here are a couple of suggestions for TV shows I think are worth giving a shot. I have watched all of these shows, sometimes more than once. The shows listed below are the entire series so you can binge watch from beginning to end or space them out. I suggested these specifically because each episode is great and because at the end of finale you don’t feel like you’ve wasted your time on a crap show. That has happened to me a lot, Rescue Me and Nip Tuck to name a few, and now, if I start to lose interest I drop the show. I refuse to get Dexter’ed again.

Friends (my number 1 favorite show of all time)

Breaking Bad

The Killing


The Tudors

30 Rock



Being Human

The Inbetweeners

Netflix has their own shows and most of them are worth trying, especially House of Cards. I started season 4 when it premiered on Friday night after work and finished all 13 episode by noon the next day. I just couldn’t stop watching. I started HoC from the beginning and it is honestly the best show out there including major network shows. The shows listed below are currently on hiatus or the new season is about to begin, but the good thing about Netflix having their own shows is the previous seasons are available so you can catch up at any time.

House of Cards


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Jessica Jones

Now, some of you may be wondering why “Orange is the New Black” is not listed and that is because I think the show is just ok. A bit overrated in my opinion. It isn’t great but it isn’t terrible either.

After you’ve seen all of those and you need more recommendations let me know. I also watch a lot of documentaries, I even dedicated a day to it and it’s called “Documentary Saturday”. I like to keep my mind active and learn as much as I can about everything. I am not a genius but I am curious about the world and what it has to offer and how far we’ve come, from history to technology. If you do decide to try any of my suggestions let me know, I would love to hear from you and see if you thought my recommendation was valid. Also, if you have any recommendations on any shows, documentaries and movies that I might have missed let me know and I will try them out as well.




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