Zootopia is by far the most adorable animated film of the year. Yep, I said it. From beginning to end you cannot help but love this movie. The main character, Judy Hopps, is an adorable and cute bunny but she wants to be something more than just her stereotype, which I think, is something we all yearn for. That is a great lesson to be taught, not only to children but for adults as well. Sure, this is labeled as a “children’s” movie but it’s never too late to learn and be a better person even as adults. Zootopia not only teaches children (and adults) to be better people and be a better version of themselves but to also see what other animals (aka people) have to go thru as well, to never judge a person based solely on looks and or stereotype.

Aside from that lesson, there is also a lot of “adult” humor much like other kids movies (Shrek and Wreck it Ralph) that adults can enjoy with cute little puns (i.e. the cell phones in Zootopia are iPhone’s but instead of an apple logo it’s a carrot). Brendan and I do not have kids (at least not yet) but we do enjoy watching kid’s movies. Sometimes watching a children’s movie is a nice break from reality. Sure, we can’t watch them the way we once did when we were children, especially since we now know more about the goings of the world, but every now and then you need a good innocent laugh. There is a reason why Rotten Tomatoes gave Zootopia a 99% rating. It is simply a very sweet and funny movie.




2 thoughts on “Zootopia

  1. Michael says:

    Zootopia hit the mark on so many points but my favorite was how well it balanced the adult humor while entertaining the children.

    Favorite part,,,, watching the sloth react to the fox’s joke at the DMV. I laughed my butt off !

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