Batman v Superman ……………….. review by guest blogger Ant-Man

Pacing for this movie is all over the place, especially for the first hour and a half. Whoever supervised the final editing of this movie needs to be gone. Certain parts of the story line seemed so patchy. I get that it was geared towards the comic book fan rather than the casual movie goer but I found myself afterward having to “make things up” to explain the reason for certain scenes in the film.

Lois Lane has way too much screen time. I don’t really care about her skills as an investigative journalist. We don’t need a love interest and personally I just found it to be boring.  They should have devoted all of Lois’s time to build on Superman or Batman’s investigative skills. Ben Affleck’s rendition of Batman gave zero F**ks in this movie and that’s due to his performance. But, then again, can we get a 50 second dialogue of what made Bruce Wayne/Batman so angry and thirsty for vengeance. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for a darker version of Batman but you can’t just take a characters makeup and completely change it without an explanation. Jeremy Irons was the best Alfred. He reminded me of the old school wise men that Bruce could look to when needing guidance. His version of Alfred seemed authentic. Batman and Wonder Woman’s hand to hand combat stole the show and because of that I can give this movie a rating of 6.5-7 out of 10.

Batman v Superman was a solid but not great movie. It did not deserve the hyperbole criticism that it got. Snyder tried to introduce too many characters at once and this came off a bit rushed and not as cohesive as it could have been. They should have released a Batman and Wonder Women solo film way before there was discussion of a Justice League movie. Warner Bros has seen the success that Marvel has had with their films and they are rushing to jump on the money train.

Now I am interested to see how they use this film as the platform to expand the DC Cinematic Universe since Warner Bros is going full force with the release of multiple films. I do believe they can improve and really make something special out of the DC Universe, they just need to stop worrying about their nemesis MCU.

Ant-Man out!


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