Could the Thomas Jane Punisher Have Been Good?

Based on the Fan Made short, starring Thomas Jane as the Punisher, should he be given a second chance?  It worked for Ryan Reynolds.  Had the 2004 film been done in the style and grit of the fan film, would it have been good?

After watching this short, I would be excited if Thomas Jane reprised his role.  Better yet, redeemed his role as the Punisher,  under 2 conditions.

1-It must have the same tone and style as the short film

2-John Travolta must have 0 to do with the film.  And by zero, I mean he should not even be allowed to watch it.

However, would you rather see Jon Berthnal in a Punisher Reboot, or give Thomas a fair trial?

Let us know what you think.  Battle it out in the comment section on our Facebook page


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