Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice


Sup Nerds!

I am unsure of how I want to start this review. Should I start like a normal blogger? Or should I start the same way Zack Snyder started the film? Meaning all over the place with no consistency whatsoever. I really don’t want bash BvS. Everyone else has done so already. I will at least start with some of the positives and end with “needs major improvement”.

Let me start off by acknowledging that no, I am not a DC fan girl as most of you know. I am a Marvel fan to the end, but, I have cheated on Marvel with DC on occasion with Arrow, The Flash and Legends. I never read any comics from DC but I loved Michael Keaton’s Batman (1989) and the mid 90’s Batman cartoon. I was in no way super hyped or excited about BvS but I was curious about Ben Affleck’s performance and if this would be another Daredevil (2003). With that said, I cannot fault (nor should anyone else) Ben Affleck for this film. He actually did a decent job as Bruce Wayne/Batman but the script that was given to him was terrible.

Like I’ve stated before, all of the trailers gave away about 70% of movie. I actually enjoyed Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. I am sure most of us were up in arms about her casting, because the first thing everyone did was compare the new actress to Linda Carter. Linda Carter will never be duplicated, she was an amazing Wonder Woman and she stands alone. But, with that said, Gal did a great job as Wonder Woman. I really wished they kept her a secret and just let her role unravel during the movie instead of telling us in the trailers. That would have been a great surprise. Now for the other cameos (I will refrain from stating who) felt so forced. It was basically a set up to the Justice League.

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor seemed like a joke to me. I actually would have rather preferred Michael Rosenbaum from Smallville. Eisenberg plays the same socially awkward character in almost every single film he has done. He would have been better suited as Riddler. Last but not least Henry Cavil’s take on Superman. Henry is a pretty decent modern day version of Superman. The reviews for Man of Steel (2013) were terrible but I am not sure why. I actually enjoyed it, even though it was directed by Zack Snyder. Ugh. My point, is that Henry Cavil, Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot are great actors and have the potential to really put DC on the map with the film universe but they need a better director/script writer to see their potential flourish.

Overall, this movie was all over the place, especially the first 45 minutes in. It felt too much like a comic book opera, almost like Watchmen (2009).  Like Watchmen, you wanted to like Batman v Superman but you just couldn’t. So, Warner Brothers Studios, please STOP hiring Zack Snyder for comic book films. Break the contract, call it a loss and hire someone else. Because let’s face it, the CW is doing a much better job with a TV budget. There is no excuse.



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