First Time at Comic Con

With Wizard World Philadelphia around the corner (more like 3 months from now) I figured I would share some of our experiences at comic-con, since this year will be our 3rd year attending Wizard World.

Our first time to any comic con was 2014’s Wizard World Philadelphia. Being from south Florida, there aren’t many comic cons to attend. My husband and I had always planned to go to San Diego Comic Con but we could never get tickets or the flight was extremely expensive. Within 2 months of living in Northern Virginia, we heard about Wizard World Philly. I was already sold on going but the icing on the cake was David Boreanaz aka Booth Seely but better known as Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer was attending. Growing up I was a HUGE Buffy fan. So, we bought our tickets to attend. (photos below)

Wizard World is a 4 day event from Thursday-Sunday. We showed up on Thursday to get our passes and walked around the floor since it was only a “preview day”. Preview days are pretty great, especially for first timers like we were. It helps you plan out where everything is from artist alleys, merchandise booths and the celebrities meet & greets. Since we were there for the first time, we decided to do the bulk of our shopping since a lot of artists were there and the attendance was low; no one bumping, pushing or rushing. Friday came along and then we really got to see what a comic-con crowd was like. People from all shapes, sizes, races, ethnicities are there supporting their love of all things nerdy. But what really grabbed my attention were the cosplayers. I’ve always loved Halloween and we always dressed up but WOW! The time and effort these awesome people put into their outfits blew my mind! I was so captivated and it made me want to rush out, buy a costume and join in on the fun. Sadly, I did not do that, but knowing me, I would remember this for the following year.

Brendan and I asked ourselves on the last day “where have we been? Why have we waited so long to attend a comic con?”.  The artist’s alley was filled with so much talent, the cosplayers with their amazing costumes, and panels from local to well-known people with tips on cosplaying to history or trivia about certain comics and just all things nerdy. The main experience I took from my first time at comic con was the huge cosplay community. I knew from that weekend on, that I would not only step up my Halloween costumes but I would try to join the cosplay community and make it my own.

Stay tuned…..



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