What to Expect

Sup, Nerds!

Here’s what’s to come on our blog…

  1. This Weeks Randomness: Exactly what it sounds like. A very random blog on a very random topic.
  1. Overrated Movies of All Time: Reviewing movies that art snobs hold on a pedestal but really are just overrated.
  1. Newly Released Movie Reviews: Reviews on the film, how it holds up if it was based on a book/comic and how it could have been better.
  1. Cosplay / Comic Con: Tips on how to cosplay on a budget and how to make it your own and coverage on any Comic Cons that we attend.
  1. Reboots vs. Originals: Starting to get the hang of how this is working.
  1. Torture Brendan: A weekly segment where you get to choose which crappy movie I have to sit thru. The more beers it takes me to get thru a movie the worst the rating.

Example: If I rate a movie 1 beer, it means that I only had 1 beer and it was a really good movie. However, let’s say that I was watching the 2015 Fantastic Four that would get a 12 beer rating, which means it’s pretty shitty. See how it works?

This segment will also feature clips of me watching the movie with genuine reactions and a blog right after in the state I am in after the movie. So if you see a rating that says “9 dEeRs” and a review that looks like a chimp was banging on a keyboard, then it is safe to say the movie as shitty.

Stay Tuned……….


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