Review by Stephanie 

Sup Nerds!

What can I really say except that it was FUCKING AWESOME!!!  I mean fucking shit balls that was amazing!

I am going to try and keep spoiler’s at bay, but even at this point, if you haven’t seen Deadpool, then what are you waiting for?!?!?!?

Stop reading this post and go to your nearest move theatre and watch it! NOW

Deadpool had the soundtrack to the 90s and I was okay with that. The 80s is more my style but the 90s music played well with the film. The character was created in the 90s so it almost seeming fitting to play music from that era. I’ve read reviews regarding the sex scene and how unnecessary it was but I would disagree. The character of Deadpool is unlike any other. He knows he is a comic book character. He’s sarcastic, tacky, lewd, rude and very assholey in his own caring way. This performance was not meant to be Oscar winning. It was meant to be made fun of while having fun and finally giving us, the fans, what we’ve been waiting for. Let’s face it, Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool just like Robert Downey Jr is Iron Man and Hugh Jackman is Wolverine. The inside jokes and even down to the intro of the film with the credits was very well thought of and very well done. There was never a dull moment in this film

With that being said, if you like sarcasm, having a good laugh and an overall fun movie going experience this this is your movie. Any person from any background, reader of the comic or not, will enjoy this movie. It’s fucking hilarious.


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