Deadpool by Brendan


What can I say about this movie that those who saw it already thought?  HOLY FUCKING SHIT! This movie, start to finish, was as perfect a super hero movie as you can get. Humor, action, gore, and boobs. The movie starts off immediately with action. It is then followed by more action, then humor, then action, then humor, and action, followed by action and humor. The movie did however slow down a tad in the middle. And by slow down, I mean, like driving 160MPH on I95 and deciding to slow to 152MPH.

The humor and constant jabs at the X-Men franchise made the movie, and if I know Marvel, hopefully is an Easter egg for things to come. There’s already talk of the final Wolverine movie being rated R. Which could be a good or bad thing. Let’s face it, Wolverine is a character with claws and he cuts people in half. Maybe the last Wolverine film should be rated R. Which, is exactly why Deadpool is fantastic, because it needed to be rated R.


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