Captain America: Civil War trailer #2


All I can is WOW!

Aside from Star Wars and quite possible Captain America Winter Soldier, I haven’t been this excited! I cannot wait for May to get here. The second trailer is no different than the first… except that we now see Spiderman in the MCU! That was a huge moment in this trailer. From articles I’ve read, this movie is slated to have 96 comic book characters and it is said to be the longest comic book film ever at a 196 running time, which is insane but AWESOME.

Growing up I was very interested in the Civil War story line and the choosing of sides, Iron Man or Captain America. I was very happy to hear MCU announce this would be the next Captain America film. We finally get to see Black Panther, who is played by the very talented Chadwick Boseman (42) and who knows who else we’ll get to see.

I hope that Marvel stops now with the release of trailers. I am not a huge fan of a million trailers, showing us the entire film before we get to actually see the film. That seems to be the trend now. Look at Batman vs Superman. There are how many trailers out there? It spoils at least half of the film already. Sure, I will still be there on opening weekend to watch, I am after all a nerd, but I will would have liked to be surprised rather than piece all of the trailers together and BAM there is about 60-70% of the movie.

Studios for any film should really take a note from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. They released a couple teaser trailers and 2 solid main trailers and they were basically the same trailer except for minor additions. They kept the 85% of the film a surprise which was great. So please, MCU, stop with this trailer and do not release any more. It looks great. We trust you. You have nothing to prove. The fans are hyped and excited. I am hyped and excited.

Leave me a comment below letting me know what you were most excited about seeing in trailer #2 and just for the movie overall.

Until next time




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