Brendan O’Shea

IMG_2992I’m from Philadelphia. I have always been into movies and music. I began working at a movie theatre at age 16, and continued that shit job for 13 years. Over the course of that waste of a career, I was forced to screen many great movies, and even more shitty movies. For a couple of years, our theatre hosted the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, so you know I’ve seen some flat out garbage.

My wife and I decided to create a blog after seeing critic after critic critiquing movies like a bunch of art snobs, more than likely pretending to like movies just to seem sophisticated. I guess when you don’t have a girlfriend, indie German films are the next best thing. Well, after beer, booze, work, mowing the yard, dentist visits, your mom, cheddar popcorn, and dogs.


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