Stephanie O’Shea


Sup Nerds!

 My name is Stephanie and WELCOME to our blog for nerds/geeks, book lovers, movie lovers and all of the other awesome people in between.

  I was born and raised in Miami, Florida but I recently moved to northern Virginia in 2014. I have many interests that include watching more movies than I can count, reading and working on my photography. As far as I can remember I have always loved movies from any genre or era. When I was 17, my first job was working at a movie theatre. Sure, it was a shitty paying job BUT it had its perks. I got to watch movies for free, I got to keep authentic movie posters, AND I met the man of my dreams, my husband and co-blogger, Brendan.

  As the years went by, I found myself watching more movies, newly released and the classics. I also found myself debating these same films and learning trivia while discussing them with family and friends.

 Fast forward a few more years and my love for movies grow even more. Halloween costumes became more extravagant and cosplay became a thing for me, an AWESOME thing!

 So, to my fellow nerds, welcome and thank you for visiting. I can’t wait to post blogs on topics that you’re interested in, and I cant wait to hear your thoughts on them.



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