NOVA CON 2017 : Part 2 : Photos

Before you see the photos, I have to give another shout out to my friend Kristin. For her first time at a con, she truly captured her look and I am still impressed. FullSizeRender.jpgDC Bombshell Catwoman

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Harley Quinn & Selina Kyle take on NOVA CON

Artist Alley & Stranger Things Panel

Cosplay Saturday & Sunday

Till next year NOVA CON!

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Nova Con 2017 : Part 1 : Review


Nova Cons inaugural event started Friday July 28th. I was unable to attend due to work, so part 1 to this is a review for both Saturday and Sunday. I was pretty excited for this con for several reasons:

  1. Near my house
  2. Another weekend to cosplay and get Harley Quinn right
  3. My friend Kristin was attending a con for the first time and planned on cosplaying. She was DC Bombshell Catwoman and rocked the hell out of her look!
  4. Pricing was PERFECT.

I will break down my review on all fields of the con along with any “improvements” needed but there won’t be many.

Location/Parking:  The location was perfect. It was local and provided more than enough parking. The parking garages were near the hotel lobby, and as a cosplayer it is much appreciated, since you won’t be walking far or getting caught in the rain. The actual payment for parking was a bit confusing though. If you followed NOVA CON on Facebook they stated parking was free, which was AWESOME! But if a volunteer forgot to tell you to get the pass validated, you might have had to pay. I spoke to a few people who ended up having to pay. Just lack of communication, not a huge biggie in my book. The validation scanner was near the “down” elevator but the sign and scanner could have easily been missed. For next year, if it is held in this same location, I would suggest putting a bigger sign, adding the validation on social media for people to locate and/or putting that information on the badges. IMG_1104.jpg

Food: With all of the excitement I tend to forget to eat. But at some point my stomach reached a point of “feed me Seymour”. The only quick bite I saw was an a la cart section with fries, chicken tenders and a wrap. The pricing was a bit high for French fries ($6) but that is normal for a con (not shocked at all). I noticed a restaurant on the lobby level but I just like a quick bite. For next year I would just suggest adding another a la cart station with sweets or more of a quick bite type of food.

Cosplay Contest: There was some serious talent that entered the contest. The prize was $600. Not bad for an inaugural con. The judges were supposed to have the list narrowed down from 100 to 10 but it ended up being 16. It was pretty funny. But honestly all of the 16 chosen were amazing. I had a top 5 and I’m not sure how I would have chosen just 1 winner.

Saturday Top 5: Crocheted Dr. Strange- Gambit- Mera- Ursula- Belle

The winner had a pretty cool costume on and large prop. I wouldn’t be able to tell you the character but I think it was gaming related. Cosplay etiquette was on point. No one was rude, people asked for photos and no one was inappropriate.

Stranger Sunday Cosplay: We arrived after the Stranger Things Sunday cosplay contest event took place. I was pretty bummed about this, but luckily we arrived in time for the Stranger Things panel with Catherine Dyer, Randy Havens, and Shannon Purser (we found Barb!). DSC_0026

Artist Alley: The artists, like always, were great. You’ll never catch me saying something negative about someone’s work. People have different variations of art, and the art displayed here was nothing short of great. My only suggestion would be to have the lighting inside of the main room be brighter for the artists who are working on commissioned work.

Gaming Section: I was expecting an arcade type of gaming area, not as big, but kind of like Awesome con. To my surprise, it more computer\board game, which is cool for those that like them. It’s just not my thing.

Volunteers:  Each and every single Nova Corps volunteer was extremely nice, engaged well with customers in a respectful manner and knew exactly how to help each person, from locating the parking validation area to help guide us on where everything is located. Great job Nova Corps!

At times, the DJ would spin a great track and people would start dancing, Kevin and Michael would toss out gifts to the crowd and everyone would be having a great time.

NOVA CON is my first small con. I’ve been to 4 large cons and I’ve never had as much fun as I did on Saturday. The Nova Con crew made this experience very family friendly but also made you feel like you were a part of their family. Everyone was having a great time laughing, cosplaying and dancing. This was an experience for fans. It wasn’t about which A list celebrity you were going to spend $500 on, wait in line for 3 hours only to say you saw…. for 5 milliseconds. Trust me, I’ve been there and moments like those can make your con experience go from amazing to super shitty rather quickly.

Stay tuned for Part 2- Photos!


Atomic Blonde

ab.jpgReleased 7/28/2017 Directed by: David Leitch

Atomic Blonde is based on the graphic novel The Coldest City by Antony Johnston and Sam Hart. This spy thriller set in 1989 Berlin, MI6 agent Lorraine Broughton (Charlize Theron) must obtain a stolen list of Western spies, while the city around her descends into chaos and revolution. Working with local station chief David Percival (James McAvoy), her pursuit leads her to uncover a much larger conspiracy. Toby Jones, John Goodman, Sofia Boutella, and Eddie Marsan co-star.

If you want a beautiful , female Jason Bourne, then your prayers have been answered. Charlize Theron more than delivers as Agent Lorraine Broughton. But this comes as no surprise.  I can’t think of another actress in Hollywood that has her combination of beauty, acting chops and believable “grit” . This is a role practically MEANT for Theron! Also, James McAvoy is absolutely rocking, as a guy you feel as though you should like but can’t quite bring yourself to it. It’s not quite as head-turning as his work in “Split” but he truly continues to prove himself as an actor to keep your eye on in a big, bad way.

Solid directing, good pacing and GREAT action!  I can’t think of an action film with a strong female lead this solid since “The Long Kiss Goodnight” with Geena Davis.  I’d maybe give ” Haywire” with Gina Carano an “Honorable Mention” in this category . All in all, money well spent and a good time.

Oh, and the fight scene in the stairwell ….worth the price of admission alone!




Released 7/21/2017 Directed by: Christopher Nolan. 

Before I give my thoughts, a quick history lesson…The Dunkirk evacuation, code-named Operation Dynamo, also known as the Miracle of Dunkirk, was the evacuation of Allied soldiers from the beaches and harbour of Dunkirk, in the north of France, between 26 May and 4 June 1940, during World War II. The operation was decided upon when large numbers of British, French, Belgian, and Canadian troops were cut off and surrounded by German troops during the Battle of France.

Now that we’re all caught up…this is NOT a war movie, but a movie about a war. About the people affected by it.

It’s a story told from 3 different viewpoints.  A soldier on the beach hoping for / awaiting rescue. A British Air Force pilot making his way to Dunkirk.  And a civilian father and his two grown sons answering the call put out to the the public that was essentially ” If you have a boat, please get to Dunkirk”.

 And it’s in this approach that Director Nolan succeeds. It’s about the human element. Not the bombs and bullets. Not the politics.  PEOPLE.  

Aside from a few notable names (Kenneth Brannagh, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy) this movie is chuck full of unknowns which also adds to the validity and sincerity of this film. Beautifully filmed, directed and acted.  It never lets up. Never lets you off the hook.  And won’t let you forget it. 

In this ” Summer Blockbuster Season” , try a film about people, about lives. A film with a story to tell.



Legends Never Die… George Romero

doomsberry_george-romero-portrait(Photo Credit: Chase Goostree)

Today we say goodbye to one of the most influential players in the horror film industry, George Romero.

When you step back and think of how far reaching his influence was, it’s pretty incredible. From the wildly popular show “The Walking Dead “, to the punk legends “The Misfits “, even to everyone’s favorite Tom Savini aka sex machine. Romero has touched and shaped the lives of not only film stars, but all of us that fell in love with the horror genre. A man so passionate about his work, that he forgot the simplest thing that would have made him millions. A simple copyright on the end of Night of the Living Dead. However, that small blunder changed horror and film for the better. George will be missed, but his creation and influence will live on. 

Rest In Peace George Romero 

Feb 4, 1940 – July 16, 2017



Horror Genre

Awesome Con Part 2

The Stan Lee Collection

Artist Alley

DSC_0084 BlackeM-art: Megan Hutchison : Facebook/itcamefromgalifry

DSC_0030BLUU DREAMS : Anderson Bluu : Instagram/ANDERSON_BLUU

DSC_0038:(SuperEmoFriends): JSalvador : Facebook/Super Emo Friends

DSC_0046MIXTAPE Massacre : Facebook/Mixtape Massacre Board Game



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B.S Adventures at Awesome Con 2017

Awesome Con 2017 Washington D.C: Review



June 16-18, 2017

Our first year at Awesome Con, Washington D.C was a slight change than our usual Philadelphia drive to Wizard World.  The last 3 years have been the best in Philly, from meeting new people (who are now friends), exploring the city and most importantly, eating at WAWA for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don’t judge.

Since we live in the D.C area, we thought we should give Awesome Con a chance and they did not disappoint. Unlike most comic cons, Awesome Con did not have a preview day (typically a Wednesday or Thursday) but I was fine with that, especially since we did not have to travel far. Like always, the first thing we do on the very first day is scope out the Artist Alley. We saw a few familiar faces from Philly but a lot of new talent.

For Artist Alley & Cosplay coverage, stay tuned for Part 2 Awesome-Con Coverage. 

Cosplayers were in full effect from Sonya Blade to an amazing Princess Leia. Side Note: The woman that cosplayed as Princess Leia looked exactly like a young Carrie Fisher. Brendan and I were both stunned. As I expected, there was an abundance of Wonder Woman variation’s, and surprisingly, a good amount of Steven Universe. This year I only cosplayed on Sunday as DC Bombshell Harley Quinn. Taking an hour long Metro ride was quite interesting while in makeup. I received many confused looks on our way into Washington D.C and I enjoyed it. It’s fun to see people’s reactions.

Next up, Panels & Food. We did not have a chance to attend any of the panels, so, we cannot offer our review on that side of the con. We really wanted to check out the crowds and have enough time to walk thru and see each artists table.  The food options were not basic. They had the regular food stands that had fries, burgers, etc. but they also had stations with Caribbean food, which we totally appreciated. The curry chicken & rice was delicious.

Complaints that I’ve read and heard: “Long lines for celebrities, Stan Lee sitting in his photo-op, long food lines” and so on. What I can say to that is, as a customer, it should be expected. I’ve waited for photo ops in the past and it sucks to wait forever for a few milliseconds but, that is how it is at cons. Sometimes, they oversell tickets. Is it fair? Nope. But it is to be expected. I will say, the times we’ve attending a comic con and did not meet any celebrities, t ’was probably the calmest experiences we’ve had.

To end, Awesome Con was worth it and we will attend next year. The volunteers were polite, the artist alley was diverse and it was near our home. It appears that Awesome Con will be held earlier in the year, which might allow us to attend Wizard World Philly. If you are in the area, or close enough like Philly, New York, Maryland, or Virginia, you should give them a try.

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